Saturday, September 23

time for a sweater

We are having a sunny weekend --- typical nice Seattle September weather --- but the week just past! What rain! Perfect time to be knitting sweaters.

I haven't made much progress on Franz's Cambridge Jacket. The Nerd's been busy so his progess was slow. I've been sorta waiting for him to catch up. He and Franz are off on a boy scout backpack this weekend and Zach took his knitting for the car. It's about an hour to the trailhead, so I told him I would work on the Cambridge Jacket for no more than two hours.

Is all that stockinette really going to stop curling with blocking and one row of crochet? Ann Budd says it will.

Meanwhile I've been distracted with the Ribby Cardi for me. I am making the body in one piece and will knit the sleeves in the round until the armpit bind-off. Then I will probably knit the sleeves separately and flat --- unless I get inspired to attach them and work the whole thing as one piece. Given that the sleeves are a different color, that would mean working 5 balls at once. I don't hate seaming that much.

These Rowan wool-cotton colors are elusive to photograph. In person they change with every change of light also. The body is a discontinued color Mellow Yellow. It varies with the light source from creamy yellow to pale green. Swayed by the desire for a two color sweater, I found a color that works well with it. Rowan calls this color Still. Most on-line retailers call it mustard-brown and Jimmy Bean calls it dirty olive. None of their pictures rendered on my screen really capture the color.

I started the sleeve flat on the smaller needles, no sense hassling with DPNs for that. Because I am knitting this without a lot of ease, the cuff is comfortable yet snug. I may leave that little V-shaped gap as a design element instead of seaming it shut, haven't decided yet. It is helpful as it marks the beginning of the round clearly. I hate stitch markers on dpns.

Rosemary chicken, yum. (Just kidding, Jamie!)


Bonne Marie said...

I love your one piece construction - I've done it myself like that too :)

Your colors are absolutely scrumptious!

Dorothy said...

I like the colours. Not so much some of the names though. Yeesh.

Fry some onions in butter to a light golden brown, add a few whole garlic cloves in the last three minutes of frying, put in cavity of chicken with some fresh Rosemary and roast until chicken is golden brown and cooked through. Baste with juices a time or two. If you want it nice and juicy, add a little chicken stock to the bottom of the roaster.
Just sayin'.

She is a beautiful bird.

Erika said...

Mm, yes - the other day, I ran across a pattern that said "a row of single crochet along the bottom hem prevents the stockinette stiche from rolling," and actually (literally) laughed out loud. I've fallen for THAT line before!

Is it too late or too awkward to add a border of good old-fashioned ribbing?