Thursday, September 14

Meet the girls

Orpington is an Orpington:

Amelia, Speckled Sussex:

Lucy, Ameraucana:

Annie and Tasty, both Andalusians:

Tasty's full name is Tasty Bastard. So named because it wasn't apparent at first that she was a she. If she had not been a she, she would have been dinner. Roosters are not allowed in the city. I have a two year old neighbor though, so we'll have to modify her name a bit. All the other birds were named by Jamie, who built the coop and hand raised these pets.

I should really blog more about how much fun they are, learning to handfeed and pick them up, chasing Lucy down the street when she escaped from the yard, collecting eggs, our first meal with the eggs, how I didn't see Orpington in the coop and searched all the trees in a panic to figure out where she was roosting (but she was at home in the coop where she belonged) but I don't really know what to say. They are a hoot. They have personalities, they have brains and they also act just like chickens.

I will say this. I had to leave them in the run all day Sunday, their first day here, so they would get used to the place. They tolerated it, but the joy on Monday when I let them out! Free range does make a difference.

Knitting! There has been knitting! will show the knitting later.


Elaine said...

I am head over heels in love with Amelia. They are all pretty, but Amelia has a special something about her. Way cool birds, happy farming.

Anonymous said...

They are so fluffy! ~ Jenna

They are cool and I want some! ~ Joey

Cool, the pictures and whole idea of it made me smile. I hear that I can get HUGE eggs at the local Mannheim market - from free range birds. A german lady I met last night (the wife of Joe's top enlisted soldier ~ the Command Sergeant Major) will take me there this week. Can you post a picture of the eggs? How big are they? ~ Teresa