Saturday, September 2

Happy Birthday to me

Still thinking of Anna Bell's Pippa, but not psyched at the cost of all that Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The only non-baby color it comes in is dark blue. I have some 100% merino that is very similar in construction and gauge to the cashmerino, so I dyed enough for the sweater. (actually, not wanting to duplicate my running out of yarn problem with Cinxia, I dyed way more than enough!) Not sure I got the green dark enough or uniform enough for this sweater, but we'll see. I can always overdye the finished item.

Some birthday presents to myself. Weaving Works offers a 15% birthday discount, so I treated myself. These are Mountain Colors Twizzle (Merino- Silk and very soft). I am thinking scarves. Red one for red scarf project, blue one for me.

I also got some dark green Silky Wool to make a sweater for Franz, and some grey Zephyr to make Mountain Peaks for myself.

See a pattern? :)


Kathleen said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

Love the pattern, but you know it is supposed to be one for them, two for you!:)

Erika said...

Happy birthday!!!