Sunday, September 3

A Surprise

I had a delightful birthday yesterday complete with a party, unusual for me. Nancy and family came for dinner. They brought me this yummy gift of Fig-Chocolate Cake and Fig-Port Vinaigrette. Nancy also made me a Lemon-Lavender Birthday cake, beautifully decorated with fresh lavender and a rose, but alas, no pictures. It was very good.

I made Greek Turkey Burgers from Rachel Ray: recipe from Chef Messy. They were a big hit, especially the red pepper-olive-parsley tapenade which was frighteningly easy. Dan made me take a photo of the burgers before serving them.

I didn't follow the recipe too closely, certainly didn't measure anything. And grilling seasoning? Whatever that is. Anyway, I used a generous bit of oregano and some smoked paprika which worked out well.

To understand what came next, you have to understand that we just don't do birthdays around here. Not much at least. Sure, The Nerd gets presents, but even he doesn't get that much. We just aren't into getting more stuff for the sake of stuff, and if we want something nice for ourselves, we plan for it and get it. We are frugal but not ascetic. We really don't give each other gifts that often, we are more likely to decide as a couple to purchase kayaks, go on a ski trip, that sort of thing. Last year my birthay was the fourth day of a five day family backpack and neither of my guys had remembered it. I was not surprised nor was I hurt, it's just the way it is. I had already treated myself to a fancy titanium camping mug for that trip, so all was well.

I knew something was up for this year, just didn't know what. Even The Nerd got into it. He asked for his back allowances and a ride to the shopping center. One clue was that he said he wouldn't need a bag for the walk home. Hmmm... probably a gift certificate. He also said his present would not be useful without Franz's present. Hmmmm? So what's at the shopping center? I had no idea. The best I could come up with was the Spa. Perhaps Zach's gift certificate would add onto a larger one from Franz? Not a bad idea (but Franz, if you ever do decide to go this route, I'd suggest the Olympus Spa in Lynnwood).

I had forgotten The University Village has an Apple Store.

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Kathleen said...

Great gift from great guys! :)