Sunday, November 9

Knitting for a change

I haven't blogged about knitting since June, when I started Amsterdam Cardigan.

I finished the knitting Tuesday night watching Obama's acceptance speech and finished the seaming Friday while listening to the President-Elect's first press conference. As I did so, I thought of many reasons this is an Election-08 commemorative sweater.

Amsterdam Color closeup

Color: I dyed the yarn specifically for this project. It is a range of
  • Browns -- 'nuff said.
  • Orange -- when my biracial niece was little, she did not get why people were called black and white; it didn't match reality. She was adamant she was orange. OK, she was three, I was fifteen and it was the Seventies. I have to admit it was fun to hear her insist she was orange. I may have asked her about it a few times.
  • Olive Green -- Damn, but we need a Green president! And olives? Well, we latte-sipping volvo subaru-driving elites like olives with our arugula.
International Cooperation: This Sweater has a passport.


The Blue-Faced Leicester is from England, milled in Italy and came to me via Virginia. (Thank you, Newly-Blue Virginia!) The pattern designer lives in the Netherlands, the stitch pattern is named after a French pastry.

Unity. I was going to run out of yarn, so dyed a second lot. The second lot was pretty close to the first, but not close enough. I only need about half a skein of the second lot, and it took work, some ripping and reknitting to unify the results.

All that unity meant that I had an extraordinary number of ends to weave in. I did much of the weaving in while at my doctor's office waiting for my annual check-up, which I am very privileged to be able to afford. May we all be so privileged in the future!

Conclusion: This is super soft wool in a super warm, comfy pattern. A great sweater to wear instead of turning up the thermostat. Knitting details on my ravelry page. (In the very off chance you care about the knitting details and are not on ravelry? Drop me an email.)

Thursday, November 6

Random stuff

Hey Sarah, so, I guess we all know now what a little community organizing can do, eh?

You didn't blink yet you didn't know who was party to NAFTA or that Africa was a continent? What's the fuck with that?

(And what the fuck with the Supreme Court and the fleeting fuck? If they really cared about what kids get exposed to on TV, they would ban Viagra ads. I'd much prefer to turn a fleeting expletive into a teachable moment than to explain erectile dysfunction to a six year old watching the Super Bowl. )

Hey neighborhood! What's with the White and Pollet signs still up? Both claimed to be the environmental candidate, so do your part and take down the signs. Christine, I love you, but your signs need to go as well. My only exception is for my neighbors with the Obama/Biden yard signs. Please leave them up a little longer. Maybe even until January 20th. They still give me goosebumps.