Thursday, September 7

One Warm Hat

My first finished Dulaan 2007 item.

Lamb's Pride Worsted, knit doubled on US8's. For this hat I cast on 68 stitches. the resulting hat is too small for me. If it were freezing and this was all I had, I'd wear it though. So I am thinking this is for ages 4-8.

In my goal of finishing UFOs and organizing the yarn, I frogged the Lamb's Pride that was supposed to be a Mason Dixon felted box and rewound all the Lamb's Pride tidily doubled, ready for more hats. I will try casting on 72 or 76 stitches next time.


Kathleen said...

I like the finished hat and what fun colors you'll be knitting! Is the pattern called "One Warm Hat"? Could you share it? Or is it on the Dulaan list and I should go there? I did a Cloud Hat and have enough for another, but I'd like to try this one too!

Dorothy said...

This is just a plain "sailor's watch cap." Just k1p1 ribbing for 7 or so inches then regular decreases every other row. The design Zach used changed to stockinette for this portion, I just kept up the pattern and tried to make it not too wonky.

as the math4knitters podcast says, the first decrease should be in groups of 8, as it [knit 6, k2tog] around. then a straight round, then [knit 5 k2tog]...

so starting with a multiple of 8 stitches works best.

the cloud hat is great since plain knit stitch goes so much faster than ribbing. I just happen to have all this leftover yarn that works well with this ribbing.

Kathleen said...

Great. Thanks!