Monday, September 4

Probably Irving*

Pure Indulgence. That's what an ipod is for me. While I do indulge myself within our budget, it's usually for things with some purpose, like 10 cubic yards of compost, the cashmere and silk yarns, the fancy olives, fair trade coffee, books. You get the idea, nice expensive things but the costs can be justified.

An ipod? well, I could listen to podcasts on my computer, but the chair is not comfortable for knitting. I'd been thinking of rearranging things for the winter so I could try some out; already knew which ones I wanted to start with**. I can listen to audiobooks in the living room, but because it is a bit inconvenient, I just don't. Plus, I'd love to be able to borrow audiobooks from the library, transfer them to an ipod (temporarily, only during the 3 weeks I have the CD's) so I can listen while I putter around, cleaning or such.

But I couldn't justify the cost for such frivolous reasons. That's why the gift was so cool.

Franz doesn't do such surprise presents very often, and that's just fine, it makes it even more of a treat, doesn't feel like a budget buster when he does.

Last time he pulled a big surprise was a few years ago for Valentine's day I received diamond earrings. (yes, he's a keeper)

After purchasing my birthday yarn, including the Silky Wool for Franz's sweater, I decided I had an embarrassing number of projects on needles --- must finish a few before starting a new one. Saturday, before my birthday dinner, I finished my blue sock and worked on my cashmere sweater. The sweater is not going to be finished anytime soon, US2's and 8 stitches per inch, but, whatever. I've also dug up a Dulaan 2007 hat I started in July and should finish that today. Then if I can get a few pattern repeats on Cozy (60% done) I will be able to start a new project with a clearer conscience. And there's no question which one it will be; time to go chase after Franz with a measuring tape.

* The Title? Last week on the ferry I saw this guy with a T-Shirt that looked like it said I'm probably Irving. Saw him later up closer and it really said I'm probably lying. Not nearly as provocative. While getting my new iPod configured, iTunes wanted to give it a name. It suggested Dorothy's iPod, but eww. Probably Irving it is. I even got my iPod his own gmail account. probablyirving at gmail dot com. how's that for random nerdiness. (then looking for knit ipod cozy ideas, I saw that Wendy named her iPod Irving. Pure coincidence, I'm probably not Wendy)

** Yo, Eliza! I know you subscribe to my blog, but I'm just one of many; don't know if you actually read me. If you do, Howdy.

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