Saturday, September 2

Birthday Sky

I noticed last Saturday that some folks from the East Coast were complaining about just having a boring sky to show, since it was grey and rainy. And here I am, ready for the grey to start! Anticipating much more interesting sky once Seattle moves into its rainy season sometime in the next 6 weeks or so. For now, all I have is boring blue blue blue. Except for the contrails and the occasional bald eagle (yes, some nest within a mile from here) this is all we see from about July 12th to Oct 1st, our summer.


Kathleen said...

This weekend is the first grey sky weekend on my part of the East Coast. Ernesto visited with 14 hours of no electricity. Thankfully, the majority of that 14 hours was sleeping time! Today just drizzle and grey and my parched lawn, trees and bushes really, really need it - so I am not gonna complain!!

Dorothy said...

Happy belated birthday!