Monday, September 4

music for my ears

I usually dislike being surprised. Over the years I have had many disappointments from thoughtless "surprises" and just don't trust folks. However, I do trust my two fellows.

Thus, when The Nerd asked for money and a ride, I didn't try to dig. He did offer a couple hints, like the fact it was a gift certificate. I just could not think what at University Village fit the clues. Heck, even if I had thought of the Apple store I am not sure it would have registered. But I am glad that I had forgotten about it.

Zach participated in one of his favorite end -of-summer activities, browsing for blackberries, on the walk home. (Erika, I don't know where you are finding the icky tasting ones, we always find delicious ones!) His shorts got some berry stains; so after he changed, I grabbed them to treat and wash. I realised there was something in a pocket, something papery --- obviously, the receipt for his purchase. Dilemma? Nah, unlike the me of the past, I didn't even think about it. Just reached in, grabbed the paper, wadded it into a ball and set it aside. Sure enough the next day he realised where the receipt ended up and was quite worried he'd spoiled the surprise. no fear --- and I was doubly glad I could honestly tell him I hadn't read it.

So now I have some iTunes cash. What to get? I think I will need Zach's help there also, since my musical knowledge is stuck in the 80's. Or possibly the 70's. Does iTunes have any Bill & Taffy?

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