Saturday, September 9

Saturday Sky with a joke

Why does the chicken coop have two doors?

Because if it had four it would be a chicken sedan!

Saturday morning washed out grey sky with (clockwise from lower left):
  • red, dead blueberry bush (never happy or productive, we finally succeeded in killing it by not watering all summer)
  • Overgrown Fig tree (figs kinda boring. We always know they are ripe when the starlings descend and fight over them)
  • apple tree (in neighbor's yard. apples wormy and unappealing)
  • random conifers in neighboring yards
  • Italian Prune Plum tree
  • chicken coop!
Coop, run and birds were brought over last night after dark. Quite an event, since the well-built, sturdy, heavy coop is 4 feet wide and our gate is only 3 feet wide. We adopted the chickens from Jamie who lovingly built the coop/run and hand raised the birds . She had left them at a former residence in a fun chicken environment, but the current residents weren't taking good enough care of them and the landlady was starting to complain. A chance conversation over dinner last week (see, this is what I get for inviting folks over for my birthday) and here we are.

Today the five gals have been taken to the Seattle Tilth Fair. Jamie is showing three of them (they are beauties) and will be there to explain urban chicken raising. Today Franz and I will level the run and coop better, clean it all up and add fresh bedding. All the things done better in daylight, not at 10:30 pm after all the hauling and returning of the Flexcar Truck.


Kathleen said...

Very cool. Have fun with your chickens. I enjoyed reading the urban chicken raising article.

Dorothy said...

Like the joke. Cute.

Hope you have fun with the chickens.

A year with no water may just be what the doctor ordered for your blueberry bush.

Erika said...

Bok bok bok!!!

Love the hair, by the way!