Tuesday, June 27

How many socks?

It's too damn hot here and back east there's too much damn rain. what gives?

I've done some more dyeing:

And some swatching of my dyed yarn. I want to make a sweater and have to figure out what gauge.

Sometimes I feel insecure about homeschooling, is my kid really learning anything? Then he comes up with analyses like this one and I relax. Another author I had him read this year is John McPhee. We saw him last night at the Seattle Library; he spoke about writing and read a passage from his newest book. A fascinating writer and funny in person

I knit on a sock while we listened to him. Afterwards, while filing out, a woman asked me what I was knitting. A sock, I said. She said she couldn't figure it out, it looked like a sock, but she wasn't sure. How hard is must be to count stitches on such small needles, she said. (dk weight yarn on US2s, plain stockinette sock, no stitch counting needed.) Then the kicker, she asked if I was going to knit two of them. Uh, yeah, I said. Wouldn't be very useful to only knit one.

Speaking of socks, here's a photo of The Nerd's giant kureyon sock. And yes, he is only going to knit one.


emmy said...

You are quite a talented dyer! I love and treasure my yarn. Thank you for making me such a special color.

Kathleen said...

I love your yarn, Dorothy! And your sweater swatches? Marvelous.

I was home (because the of the rain and the treacherous driving conditions) and was able to watch two episodes of the "Knitty Gritty" on the DIY Network

Lily Chin was the guest on one and she had a tip on swatches to remember the needle used - create eyelets on the second row - one for each number in the size. Size 7 needles would have a 7 eyelets. Size 10 needles would have 10. I'm not sure what you'd do with a 10 1/2! :) It seemed like a neat idea. Even if you don't get the DIY Network, you can check out the shows on the web.

Franz said...

I like the toothy monster in the background. Seems right for this project.