Wednesday, June 7


I made cupcakes yesterday for this author event. Nancy (still blogless) was one of the writing tutor volunteers for the teens and she volunteered to provide refreshments for the author event --- that is, to cajole dozens of people to provide dozens of cupcakes.

I discovered a whole world of food bloggers -- no surprise -- and a whole world of cupcake bloggers, something I would never have guessed. I used this recipe for the cake, but didn't end up filling them with lemon curd. They had a nice crunchy sugary top which I didn't want to cut into. So I just dumped a lot of (store bought) lemon curd into the cream cheese frosting.

As my family doesn't really like cake, I haven't baked a cake in years. We have pies and cobblers, even for birthdays. Will I make cupcakes again? Perhaps, but do not expect a cupcake blog from me!

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Cookie said...

Cupcake blogging?! That sounds dangerous! The hubby already tries to discourage my cookie baking a bit because I tend to go on an all-cookie diet whenever they're around. Cupcakes could only be worse. Or better, depending on how you look at it...