Sunday, June 18

Saturday Ramblings

With the 520 bridge closed, and the Fremont Fair between us and Discovery Park, we decided to take a hike this weekend that didn't involve driving at all. The main goal was Ravenna Park, where new landscaping and creek daylighting has recently been finished. It didn't hurt that the other end of Ravenna Park would find us at Cowen Park, only a few blocks from Weaving Works.

First, Northwest to the Northeast Library, to pick up the copy of One Skein waiting for me. Then Southwest to Ravenna Park. Unfortunately, Acorn Street Yarn is right on this route. I had not intended to stop, but they were having a sidewalk sale. Even though we didn't find much to purchase, Zach and I were in heaven just looking at the yarns and imagining possibilities. Franz was a bit bemused and confused. I got some sock yarn for almost nothing (a cotton wool blend that a clerk at Weaving Works had once raved about) and some Kureyon for a felted bag. Zach really wanted some Kureyon also. There was just one skein in the color he liked (it reminded him of algae and pond scum) but it's probably enough for a hat. (Or I will take possession for a second booga bag).

Then the last few blocks to the park with Franz going "well why don't you just decide on a project and then buy the yarn for it?" and Zach explaining to Franz just why one needed a stash.

Renovations of the park are environmentally based and lovely. The path is the first example of permeable concrete I have seen.

Although the creek was not, as some have dreamed, daylit all the way allowing a salmon population to return, it was daylit further within the park and the culvert now empties into the slough instead of the sewer. The slough is one we used to cross every day on our walk to the U, and it was nasty, yucky brackish. We hoped the influx from the creek would help. This photo is of the small pond forming where the creek is entering the culvert.

Cowen Park has had some renovations, including a nice little kid playing area and a zip-line style swing, which both Franz and Zach enjoyed. Then south to Weaving Works, since Acorn Street doesn't sell synthrapol. Uh oh, they were having a 20% off sale too...

By this time we were looking for a little substenance. The Ave was right there to accomodate us. Slices at Pagliaccis, yum. There was still some time to drop by the Henry, perhaps to see the Maya Lin exhibit. We only had a half hour and the MFA show was still there, so we saw that instead. Franz and I have seen numerous MFA shows at the Henry, some much better than others. This one had a few works that moved me, but there were a few where all I could think was, if I were their parent I would be saying "we spent all that money on tuition for art school and this is the best you could do?"

This rock bench is part of an installation art on campus, designed by students but not part of the MFA show.

Walking back home, we crossed the slough. It did look a little cleaner, but we couldn't tell that there was more flow through it. Perhaps we will rent a canoe at the Waterfront Activities Center soon and paddle around the edge of it a bit to see more. Haven't done that in several years. Next stop, the video store for Sense and Sensibility. Almost home, we stopped at the Met for dinner supplies. All told, at least five miles, perhaps more. Some yarn, some nature, some culture, some pizza.

Sunday Update:

The Nerd is becoming a cook. He made scrambled eggs with (chicken) sausage for Father's Day breakfast, then Franz and Zach spent the afternoon modifying the DDR Pad. It no longer sucks, I understand. My booga bag already has a bottom. No frogging foreseen.

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