Wednesday, June 14

Second Wednesdays

The second Wednesday of the month means it was the morning of the board from |-|311. Therefore this week started badly, as my stomach ache gradually increased until 8 am today. The meeting was actually not that bad. Several new board members are questioning the same things I questioned. The others held their tongue and are participating fruitfully in the quest for a replacement for the ED. And I recently found out that my board term expires in September. I was under the impression I was committed through next summer at least but I have no intention of serving another term. As I am supposed to be chair through December (funny that the ED who was the only person who knew when my board term ended did not alert us to this fact last December during officer elections [and ironically, if she had told me I could exit gracefully this Fall I would not have questioned things that got her so pissed off in the first place]) and as our vice chair, an older retired fellow, is seriously ill, looks like they will be electing a whole new slate in October. I wish them well.

So onto a happier afternoon. I ordered the next in the series after Desolation Island, so we will have something to read aloud in the evenings. We finished DI about a month ago, but I didn't enjoy it as much as its predecessors so was just not that motivated to get the next one. It was more depressing, too much disease and death and heartache. And Jack can be such a fool on land, it is painful to hear about it, I get so embarrassed for him.

TVwise we have been Lost ever since finishing season 1 on DVD. I just checked and season two will be available Sept 5th. Renting movies is fun, but hard for a school night. A surprise in today's mail, my brother in law sent us the whole season of the new Dr Who on dvd.

And I have been contacted by my dye-o-rama buddy. I have not been abandoned and should expect a package tomorrow. More mail goodness!

My gardens are happy too.

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Kathleen said...

I love your happy gardens! What are the purple bell flowers called?