Friday, June 9

Everybody's doing it.

What to do with my handpainted yarn? Well a couple things came to mind. This 4 ounce skein is earmarked as a prize in Claudia's fundraising for the National MS Society. I know it doesn't rank along with an Alice Starmore book or the Yarn Harlot's handspun, but as a consolation prize, it's not bad. As you can tell, I am still working on a Pacific Northwest colorway. They don't call Seattle the Emerald City for nothing. All the yummy greens that surround me, I just want to capture them.

And I really wanted to knit with all these colors, something besides socks. So how about a log cabin? The colors are much richer than this photo shows.
I am also thinking of selling some. I feel embarrassed to admit that. Seems like everyone is selling handpainted yarn. Why would anyone buy mine? While I have dyed some actual well known sock yarn, variegated in Gems Pearl (above, 3.5 oz) and striping in Gems Opal (below, 4.0 oz)

most of what I have dyed is not a traditional sock yarn. I just stumbled on a small supply of yummy, soft, lofty DK weight superwash 100% merino that dyes really well. I am wearing my sock and working on a mate. The first sock is a bit short, but weighs only 1.6 ounces. So 4 ounces, about 290 yards, ought to make a nice pair.

I also suspect it would make a nice CeCe as it is spot on 13 wpi and has a nice drape, but I haven't tried it yet. That would require about 8 or 9 ounces of a single dyelot. I could do that. Wonder what sort of colors would work well? I may swatch something up, but will feel guilty about that since I haven't worked on my existing Silky Wool CeCe in weeks.

Faded blues. 4.4 ounces in two equal sized skeins.

Butternut. 4.2 oz

Rose 4.1 oz.

So how about it? Would anyone buy my babies yarn? $20 each plus shipping (which is $4.00 for priority mail, yes?). If interested, email me at dorothy AT amadorneville DOT us. Cash funded paypal only for now please, I haven't made that much of a plunge into this venture yet. Who knows, maybe an etsy shop is in my future.

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Kathleen said...

WooHooo, you are an entrepreneur!

Hope you are getting nibbles on your yarn! They look marvelous, but I have to whittle away at the stash I have and get better at what I'm doing before I buy a $20 skein/hank!