Friday, June 16

Quite a day for mail

Yesterday's mail was extraordinary.

First, a letter from Safeway addressed to Ronald Senn with our address. Not knowing any Ronald, and figuring it was probably someone who used our address to get a buyer's advantage card, I broke countless federal laws and opened his mail. Ouch, Ronnie baby, don't you know shoplifting is a crime? I called Safeway to alert them of the wrong address. Then I got a little worried that maybe this guy had some ID with my address on it, so I called back and they said no, he had no ID at all. And they accepted that? Is Ron even his real name? There's a Ronald Senn DDS nearby. Perhaps the drill and fill industry isn't quite lucrative or thrilling enough. More likely our shoplifter lifted the name as well.

I am getting all detective-like, thinking that one should look for a person whose real address is some anagram of ours, and who had a bad dental experience. I could be the next Kinsey Milhone. Alas, for $27, Safeway isn't going to bother.

Then I noticed some mail addressed to my next door neighbors. First the Pagliacci's ad. Well I would just keep that, since they probably got mine. Then I noticed the Capital One return address, but I figured it was a solicitation for credit cards, since we get one or three from Capital One per week. I figured I might do him a favor and just shred it like I do all my credit solicitations. The third one though I clearly noticed was First Class from a bank. Oh, guess I ought to deliver them after all. At that point I saw that the Capital One was not a solicitation, but a statement. Oops. Glad I didn't shred it. So I walked them all next door. Including the Pagliacci ad. I'll never know what their current specials are.

I won't bore you with the natural gas bill, but suffice to say: gas used to be a whole lot cheaper.

The most rewarding part of the mail was the box on the porch that contained this:

My dye pal is Carry of Fairieknits. She dyed the Gems Pearl on the right. I gave her no instructions but I am partial to greens and purples, so I quite like it. I don't know if I will make socks --- I am so slow at knitting socks --- but think some sort of scarf might be nice. A variation of Sally Melville's shaped scarf? One Skein is waiting for me at the library, so I think I will find inspiration. Thanks, Carry.

Now Carry has had a very challenging Spring, both personal life and jobwise, and here I've been blogging about my happy dyeing, so I can understand why she might be feeling insecure, although I don't think she ought to feel so. (but y'know, people have complicated feelings even if you think rationally they oughtn't, that's just the way it is.) So, she also included some handpainted yarn that she purchased, and some chocolates. The Nerd opened the cookies within minutes, but the chocolate bar is hidden away for me to enjoy.

Carry also lives in the Seattle area, so it is not a surprise that we know some folks in common. Non-knitter folks even. Seattle is such a small town that way. So who knows, we will probably run into each other sometime. I hope so. Thanks again, Carry and I hope the summer is sunnier for you.

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