Saturday, July 1

Saturday Sky

What gives with some Saturday Sky folks posting their photos on Friday? Or a dusk photo in the morning? Aren't these supposed to be Saturday's skies? This Saturday's?

This Saturday my sky looks a lot like it did last Saturday --- very blue. Vine maples are a native tree to the Northwest, very pretty in the Fall. Actually, pretty all year. Franz had wanted a vine maple for years and we finally planted this one last year. In addition to the vine maple, this photo contains kale seed pods. We don't really harvest the kale, but it volunteers throughout the garden, growing 5 to 6 feet tall. Sometimes the plants overwinter and end up more like bushes. I let them grow because the birds love the seeds. For the past couple weeks, the yard has been taken over by the house finches gorging on the ripe kale seeds. They don't seem to have competition from the larger birds, perhaps larger birds cannot perch on the delicate stems. Unlike the larger birds who live here, crows, stellar's jays, starlings, even robins, the finches are very skittish. I suppose they have to be. But it means that every time I go out back, heck even walk past the window, the whole flock leaves the kale and seeks shelter. Makes me want to go "argg, I am not a predator! Don't waste calories escaping me!" But they'd never understand. So if you see me tiptoeing around the house avoiding the southfacing windows, you'll know why.

I dyed a pound of yarn in a semi-solid coral-peach color for Cinxia. It's a finer gauge than the yarn used in the instructions, but I swatched and calculated and think I will be happy with this yarn and pattern choice. Of course I found and read the knit-along blog, the yahoo group, and myriad knit-bloggers who attempted (and some even finished) this pattern. I think I will make some modifications, probably make raglan decreases as some blogger suggested.

A question for all you knitters with more experience than me. Why does everyone suggest the long-tail cast-on over the crochet cast-on? the crochet cast-on doesn't leave you guessing as to how long a tail you will get, it looks nice on both sides and is not any harder than long tail. And why do provisional cast-on instructions tell you to crochet a chain, then thread the chain onto the needles? Why not just do a crochet cast-on using the waste yarn? I have a heck of a time getting the crocheted chain on the needles in the one perfect way that will allow the waste yarn to unzip. So much easier using a crochet cast-on.


Erika said...

Haha, busted! Because I had a feeling I'd forget, or get distracted, and not have a chance to take a picture of Saturday's sky and process and post it actually ON Saturday. I habitually post-date my entries, so that I'm usually running the blog with a 2-3 day buffer, in case things get busy, or I don't feel like blogging.

I translated the assignment (perhaps too literally) as "A picture of the sky, posted on Saturday," not "A picture of Saturday's sky, posted on Saturday." I don't think she actually specified in the assignment, perhaps not realizing how literal-minded and conniving some of us can be. ;-)

Love the perspective you chose for your sky picture, by the way! I had just been thinking the other day that with all these sky pictures out there, it's going to be a challenge to come up with something a bit more different than the usual.

I use the long-tail cast on because I can never manage to find my crochet needle when it's time to cast on. And I have a TERRIBLE time with knitting into the correct loop - somehow, when I'm knitting into crochet, all the loops start to look the same, and I end up knitting into them all higgledy-piggledy at complete random, and it looks like crap.

It's a perfectly good cast on method, though, for those who can manage it! (Which is to say, not me.)

Susan said...

I love the long tail for a few reasons. I think it looks neater, and it's easier for me to keep all the stitches the same size, compared to other cast on methods. Also, it tends to be stretchier.

Anonymous said...

There is actually a crochet cast on that incorporates a wrap of the yarn onto a needle while doing the crochet step, I think--very tedious, as I remember, but neat and stitches are all picked up as you go. I'll see if I can find a reference---nancy

Charity said...

What a beautiful Saturday sky! It's easy to tell you're a HS mom, you're a great explainer :-) Love the dyed yarn.