Friday, June 23

Friday already?

How can it be Friday already? It was just the weekend a few days ago. It was the last week of (formal) school for the Nerd, he's now enjoying summer vacation, riding bikes, etc. We'll keep up with algebra and a bit more on an informal homeschooling basis this summer, but nothing too strenuous. Otherwise we have a relaxing lazy summer planned. Bike riding, gardening, knitting, reading, dyeing, hiking, a little Ultimate, some boy scouts, and one trip East to experience the hassles of air travel just to end up in the hurricane zone visit with my family at the beach.

Less than a week since I purchased the yarn... it's an FO! A booga bag. I used US10 needles (instead of 10.5) and made it taller than specified. It's been through the wash four times and I still think it's a bit thin. I am comparing it to my non-buttonhole bag made with Lamb's Pride double stranded, which is unfair. I do like the way Kureyon's colors change but it means it would be hard to make it look as cool double stranded. If I make another I will probably use the thicker Kureyon (do they still make that?).

I'm still enjoying the scent of vinegar and the stained fingers that comes with dyeing.

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