Monday, June 12

Another Monday

Courthouse steps log cabin is coming along. I am loving all the colors I dyed.

Given that two of these socks are second socks, it really isn't that bad that I have three cast on at once, is it? I have to finish one of these before starting a new one though, since there are no more DPNs available.

Also this weekend we watched The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill which was fascinating and easy to knit to and Travelers and Magicians, a movie set in Bhutan, so subtitles and no knitting. It was beautiful and interesting. Didn't have a typical plot resolution, but I suspect that reflects a different cultural and religious (Buddhist) view of time and closure.

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Kathleen said...

Love the sock family ... Papa, Mama and Baby sock! :)

Your log cabin is fabulous. What a great way to commemorate your maiden dyeing adventures!