Monday, August 21

Will it improve my technorati rank?

A comment on my post mentioning my site meter findings:

I'm probably the one who find your blog via the Technorati search for "rankism". I maintain Robert Fuller's web site (, and I try to keep an eye on references to rankism I find on the Internet. Your earlier post is going into my next update of Fuller's bibliography page. I also came back tonight because I'm going to give Fuller an overview of interesting discussion of rankism, and your earlier post is on that list. :-)

OMG! this is what blogging is all about, isn't it? Being part of a larger conversation about the world and ideas? This is what bloggers want, right? To be noticed? Why oh why then when I first read this comment did I feel like deleting the post in question? How uncool would that be? I have strong opinions; I don't always share them diplomatically. That's why I usually just limit my ranting to my husband and son who know me well and expect it from me. But I figured it was safe to start blogging about such things, after all, who would find my dinky little blog out of the masses? And it's one thing if just any old person reads my blog, but Fuller himself?

In thinking about my post on rankism, I am remembering a comment from my husband, that I could have been more clear on a few points. (of course now I am not sure what he said, so I would have to ask him to reread the post and clarify what he thought I should clarify) So.... would it be cheating to go back and edit the old post? Probably. Therefore I won't.


Kathleen said...

You could always clarify in a new post with a link to the old post... then they'd find you again and link again and so on, and so on! :)

Manifest Dignity said...

I hope you don't delete the post - Fuller would think I imagined it in some crazy way when I break it up.

I know how you feel about the idea anyone can find anything on the Internet. I've personally had bad experiences with it, and I hate to think I made you feel that way. I probably should have left your question about who had searched for your blog post alone.

If it makes you feel better, I have major searching skills: you probably are well-hidden.

Fuller, by the way, is an amazingly nice guy. If you go to his web site and write him, he'll write you back.

Manifest Dignity said...

LOL - just realized I was speaking gobbledygook to you. What I meant to say is that Fuller would think I'm crazy when I gave him an overview of interesting blog posts, but yours was no longer there.

Dorothy said...

yo MD, that's ok, I thought it made sense. anyway, I won't delete it, even though I did call his word a bogus neologism.

I am Not upset that Fuller is aware of my comments. in fact, I've been thinking a lot about it and perhaps will post more. Just was caught off guard, but am glad you spoke up. the net is an interesting place. but deleting old posts because you said something controversial or something... that's just wrong.

Manifest Dignity said...

I'd personally rather see the authentic comment/critique than fake flattery any day. :-)