Tuesday, August 22

Cinxia Finished

I finished Cinxia and while not a smashing success, I think I will wear her. Yes, I ran out of yarn. Hand-dyed --- when I was out, I was out. I had enough yarn for a minimally bearable collar, but I think the jacket would look better with at least another inch of collar. Here's what I had leftover.

Pattern: Cinxia, from knitty.com. Overall, I like the two stitch patterns --- nice fabric that works well with a kettle-dyed yarn of subtle color changes.

There are errors in the pattern. Some stitch counts don't add up, and I needed to modify the instructions to get the nice finished front edge to work. The instructions say the slip-stitch pattern in the round is worked on 4x+3 stitches, but I don't see how. I worked it on 4x stitches and it looks right.

Several bloggers noted that they didn't love the yoke decreases. I did a raglan decrease instead, which I do like. However, I might have worked a couple rows straight after attaching the sleeves before starting the decreases. Hard to tell in advance what will give you the right amount of ease around the armpits. My raglan decrease was k2tog tbl, k tbl, slip marker, k tbl, k2tog. Note that the second decrease, to make it right slanting, is a regular knit stitch, unlike every other knit stitch in the (flat) twisted stockinette pattern which is done through the back loop.

Yarn: I used a slightly lighter-weight washable Merino than called for, so I didn't get gauge. I used smaller needles (US5) and adjusted the stitch count accordingly. The twisted stockinette makes the fabric thick. I like the drape of this one. Using the recommended yarn would perhaps be better, but I also noticed several bloggers used a heavier weight fabric. That would make a much thicker jacket.

Yes, the sleeves are too long in the photo, I would wear it with the sleeves rolled up a tad more. It also needs some sort of clasp to hold it together in front.

I think the back collar could stand to be a little closer to my neck. There are short rows in the pattern to add a little fabric to the back. I did these as indicated. If I were to make the pattern again (and have enough yarn!) I would do another set or two of the short rows for better shaping.


Kathleen said...

I love close up knitting pictures... the capture the detail in an amazing way! I'm sorry you ran out of yarn before the collar was as you'd like it. But, it is a lovely sweater!

Kathleen said...

the, they, whatever. you know what I meant! ;P

Erika said...

It's so beautiful! I've been thinking about making this myself, later in the season, so thanks for posting your "if I was going to do it again" list!

And on the growth chart - holy cow!!!