Wednesday, August 2

August Second

Franz got back from boy scout camp last night and is off to work. Said that Z was having a good time. Some challenges with the swimming --- he's working on the swimming merit badge --- but he seems to be persevering.

I managed to watch the second episode of Deadwood. At one point, one of the ladies that lives over the saloon advertised her services as the best b---j-- ever (or something like that). According to wikipedia, that phrase was not used in that way until the 1960's. It might be minor, but that sort of lack of attention to period detail irritates and distracts me.

I also watched some more Northern Exposure. I wasn't clear yesterday, anyone not in Seattle would probably not know that this show was filmed in Roslyn, Washington, about two hours east of Seattle. None of the scenery is Alaskan. So, yes, now that I know the local mountains better, it is a distraction watching the show, but the writing is so clever I can overlook it or even enjoy the anomalies. I just saw the episode where they visit Snoqualmie Falls and make some Twin Peaks jokes --- something I would not have understood first time around.

My striped painting experiment worked out quite well, I think. Now to pick up the picture frame glass today, assemble the frames and finally hang the watercolors my mother in law gave me over a year ago.

Knitting? I've been back in log cabin land. Relaxing easy knitting for tv watching. I'm progressing on my first sleeve for Cinxia too, but slowly. I really wanted it done for my trip back east next week, but it won't be. However, given the weather on the east coast, I bet I won't miss it.


Dorothy said...

Awesome painting job. Your room looks great.
I knew Northern Exposure had been filmed somewhere in the lower 48, I just didn't know it was in Washington.
I agree that the writing is good enough to overlook the details.

Kathleen said...

Love your paint job. Would you like to make an Eastern detour and come paint here? I promise air conditioning! :) Have fun on the vacation with the family. Be thinking about when you'd like our reunion to be and I'll call and volunteer to get it going!

Dorothy said...

Sorry Kathleen, if we had more time, I would love to come visit, but this year we don't.

reunion? how about the same weekend as maryland sheep and wool? in fact, we could plan to have it there, eh? that would certainly confuse the rest of the class :)

Kathleen said...

I was really just joshin' on the visit this year... Maryland Sheep and Wool? Hmmm, that might be an idea! Not at it, of course, but dinner Saturday night of it.

Last time I ran it, I picked Columbus Weekend, since it was a long weekend for me and many of the school ages, but that should be less of a problem for this reunion!