Thursday, August 31

ducks in a row

I am relieved! The Nerd's part-time school situation was looking a little iffy, but today things are looking up. He will be able to take three classes without having a break in between. (He would have to leave campus. what were we going to do? meet at the donut shop down the street for homeschool lessons? every day? yikes!) Well, at least that's the word today. Cross our fingers it still works out next week when school starts.

Part of the scheduling dilemma is that he qualified for Wind Ensemble, the most advanced band and he really wants to be in it. At first the registrar was all "well that's a huge class, I don't think Mr E will take anyone else, but you can ask him." So I did and he replied that Zach could be in any band and that he recommended Wind Ensemble. The principal had said last week that if he would take Junior Band things would work out better, but no, he'd rather give up the Japanese than be in Junior Band. Today the counselor said "Why not Senior Band? It is much smaller so he would get more personal attention." But then it did sink in that yes, he took Beginning Band last year, so he is going from the most elementary to the most advanced band. Yeah, helloooo... since both directors seem to think he is qualified for this jump, don't you think Zach would want to pursue it? He worked hard all last year on his music. When I mentioned the "smaller, more attention" aspect of Senior Band to Zach, he said "Mommmmm, they factor that into their recommendations. If a kid needs the more personal attention, they put him in Senior Band." Anyway, he plays the French Horn for crying out loud, he's going to be counting a lot of rests no matter which band he's in.

So I ran across town to pick up the form I need --- not literally, I drove. School's closed tomorrow, so first thing Tuesday morning I need to get to school, have the principal sign this form, then get it over to the Enrollment office which is going to be swamped, given that classes start Wednesday. Tuesday will be one of those very rare occasions when Franz needs to drive the car to work. Guess it's bike or bus for me.

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Dorothy said...

He must be pretty good on that horn if they think he is ready to make that big of a jump.

I hope his schedule works out for both of you.