Thursday, August 31

Thursday Already?

Purchases from the Farmer's Market on Lopez: Zach loves the market for the jam. This year we also looked for fiber. There wasn't much, but I did pick up a little Romney for a scarf.

While I did take two socks in progress to Lopez, both are second socks from a generic winging it toe-up pattern and I failed to bring either of the first socks with me. How many stitches to increase after the heel, when to start the ribbing, what kind of ribbing? What the heck, who needs matching socks. I worked on the blue striped sock anyway, but promptly lost a DPN. Continued with only 4 needles, but didn't get very far.

Got my electric bill yesterday.


Dorothy said...

Awesome electric bill! I wish. Even if we didn't use any power at all, we still have to pay for "Delivery" charges of $50.00. Thieves.

Your Farmer's Market must have some great stuff.

Kathleen said...

I have never, ever, ever seen an electric bill that low - ever. Did I say ever??? Wowza!

Patti said...

Oh! Nice bill!

I have many energy logs from last year, and converted the oil furnace so I can use 100% biodiesel. I wish I could do solar . . .