Wednesday, August 23

Why we can't paint the room divider

and why The Nerd has been eating quarts of yogurt and granola, sleeping til noon and complaining of Sever's Disease.


Elaine said...

Yikes! Maybe you should put some heavy books on top of his head.

Dorothy said...

Elaine, I think my job is to put the heavy books inside his head :)

he still isn't as tall as me, but at this rate he will be very soon.

Kathleen said...

We have a door of the same ilk. no painting - we have historic landmarks!

I think my younger son grew 3 inches this Summer. And I think he did it at about the same age as yours too - he complained that entire year about sore legs, achy joints.

Anyway, he is now taller than my older son who, when last measured, was 6'3"!!! I am in the Land of the Giants!