Saturday, August 5

Blue Sky with Angels

Can you spot the Angels?

They actually come way way closer and sometimes bank a turn right overhead, but in Friday's rehearsal they mostly stayed to the south of us. Plus, with a digital point and shoot, it is way hard to capture them as they swoop past.

They're here every year. I love them in all their macho scariness, but ever since becoming a mother that love has been mixed with more worry, knowing that each of those pilots has a mom somewhere.

Our quiet week without the Nerd is coming to an end. He is due home within the hour. I'll grab his duffle and start washing his clothes, because we leave for the East Coast at the crack of dawn. Yup, we Seattle-loving, heat weenies are going to the beach, where the expected Lows are about 79 degrees. Hell, except for our brief hot spell our daily High temps don't exceed 75 degrees!

I don't expect he'll be in the mood for blogging til we get back next week. (well he just got home, more from him later)

Highlights of the week for F & me included meeting Erika. She's selling things in anticipation of moving and we were lucky enough to score her Futurama DVDs. It was really nice to put a face and voice on someone who keeps such an interesting blog and has similar interests. I hope we can see more of each other in the future, especially with more knitting content. I suspect we approach knitting in similar nerdly ways so I think it will be fun to share techniques. I am especially interested in the entrelac she does.

My neighbor Lisa (yo, Kathleen, Lisa was Parkdale class of '80. small world, eh?) works for the Seattle Chamber Music Society and gave us comps for last night's concert. A small nicely appointed theater, we had seats on the end of a row, meaning there was room and enough light to knit by. My wooden DPNs were quiet enough, I hope. Franz said he didn't hear them and he did hear the guy snoring a few rows ahead of us.

The Beethoven trio was fun, all three musicians really got into the music and moved their bodies way more than I would have expected or would be required. It reminded me of playing a snowboard game on the gamecube. All you have to do is sit sedately and move fingers on the controller, but somehow it is impossible to play without flailing about, putting your whole body into banking those turns. Turns out Franz thought the exact same thing. I think of Beethoven as being one of the ancients, but the work seemed fresh, even modern in parts, and it was startling to realise that he was a contemporary of Jack Aubrey and Steven Maturin. (We've been reading the O'Brian Sea adventures out loud as a family, up to book 6 by now.)

The Frank Bridge string sextet seemed forgettable, but the piano duet by Stravinsky was wild. Rite of Spring is from 1913 and seemed to evoke the Jazz age. Not that I know anything about Russian Nationalism music, but that's what it reminded me of.

No blogging for a week now, since we will be away -- probably with very limited internet access. I am still trying to decide what to pack --- knitting, that is. I got about an inch done on the second sleeve of Cinxia at the concert last night. Can I finish the sweater on the trip? Photos to come.


Sus said...

How fun to have the planes that close! Or, maybe not always, eh? Enjoy your trip!

Kathleen said...

It is indeed a small world! My mom travels a lot and she almost always runs into some she knows or knows her.

Enjoy the beach - which one will you be visiting?

Erika said...

Hope you all enjoy the trip! And the Futuramas, of course!

My single most favorite Futurama moment is in the mini-episode when Bender becomes human. There's a 30-second scene in a bar when he starts dancing, while simultaneously eating nachos, smoking a cigar, and drinking a beer.

Artists throughout time have endeavored to communicate the sheer unadulterated joy of being alive and human, but Bender nails it.

Dorothy said...

Hope you enjoy your trip to the beach.

I love classical and Beethoven never seems dull or old to me. Although some orchestras just don't seem to do it justice.

JennyRaye said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the birthday wishes.

I also appreciate the information on using cotton fleece for a log cabin blanket. It sounds like a great option--I'll keep it in mind.