Monday, August 21


Yesterday we hiked a small portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, heading north from Snoqualmie Pass. We did not make it all the way to the usual landmark for this dayhike --- the catwalk at 5.5 miles in. We came close, so it was probably a ten mile hike. Although F & Z had done Pilchuck earlier this summer with the scouts, it was my first hike of the summer. Shocking, yes, but weekends have just flown by. September usually has good hiking weather, though.

We didn't make it to the catwalk because we were all starting to get a bit sore and the last half mile was over talus: in the sun with the rocks radiating all the heat stored up from the day. We'd just encountered more than a half mile of talus and I just didn't want to add an extra mile. Still, a nice hike, nicely graded, nice woods, nice views, minimal bugs, lots of people, some blueberries.

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Franz said...

For nonlocal readers, the Kendall Katwalk (cute, eh?) is a ledge blasted across a cliff face. It's an airy place, but not dangerous unless snow-covered.