Saturday, July 15

Garage Sale Sky

It's been a busy week here. Painting The Nerd's new room, moving furniture, preparing to repaint his old room --- soon to be guest room. Plus, cleaning out the garage, selling some things on Craiglist, culminating in today's garage sale!. Woo Hoo! Almost everything big went and most of the small things too, including the Joe Morgan bobbleheads. A trip to the transfer station is planned for sometime this week too.

All these clouds burned off, but I was out early setting up for the sale and remembered to take a photo.

No knitting photos today, CeCe has grown, so has Cinxia. I am hoping one or the other will be finished in time for Stitch-n-Pitch. That's 10 days from now. Better get back to the needles.


Dorothy said...

A successful garage sale means you have great taste in stuff. Glad it went so well for you.

Hope your knitting goes as well.

Erika said...

Garage sale, oo! Sounds like I got up too late to check out anything good, though, heh!

Kathleen said...

Lovely Sky. I can't wait to sort and tag my "junque" and sell it to a passerby! :)