Wednesday, July 19

CeCe is Fini!

CeCe designed by Bonne Marie Burns

Could I look more squinty and washed out? Sorry about the photo quality; I do love the sweater.

I used Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool which is not in the recommended gauge. US 7 needles. Swatching, Washing and Calculating were accomplished in order to determine adjustments needed. I wanted the 38" sweater and followed the instructions for the 42" version. Preblocking, my sweater was 36" at bust, 8.5" from armhole to bottom. After blocking: 38" bust, 10" armhole to bottom.

Other modifications: I did 6 rows of ribbing instead of 4. I also made the sleeves shorter. These are about 2 inches instead of the recommended 2.5 to 3 inches. (In fact, while the schematic says the sleeves will be 2.5 inches, the instructions as written will result in a longer sleeve, since the ribbing isn't included in the calculations.)

2.5 hanks of Silky Wool. It weighs 120 grams. I found the lace pattern challenging at first, but once I had completed a pattern repeat, everything made sense and it was easy to follow. My neckband sewing leaves a bit to be desired, but the rustic quality of the fabric (mostly) camouflages that.

I'd like to make another. Once I finish my Cinxia, perhaps I will make another CeCe using my hand-dyed Aurora 6, for a very different CeCe. Time to go work on Cinxia!


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Dorothy said...

Very pretty. I prefer a shorter sleeve too.

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Kathleen said...

I keep coming back and looking at this because I really think my mom would like one of these. I like things a bit longer and with pockets. But mom likes these types of sweater-y things. I'm really contemplating buying it and trying my hand... now to find the time when my eyes can see and my mind can concentrate!