Saturday, July 8

Saturday Sky

I worry that I sounded too self absorbed and whiny yesterday. Yes it was a weird week, but it wasn't that horrible for me. It was worse for so many folks; the firefighters, the folks living closer to the fire, the homeless man, my sister facing surgery...

Today The Nerd and his dad are off on a hike with the boy scouts. I get to putter, paint, garden, knit and enjoy the sunny day. Yes, another Saturday sky of blue, so I am including an late afternoon shot from earlier this week when we had a more interesting sky.


Helen said...

I hope things get better for everyone, specially your sister. I've had a lumpectomy (though it wasn't on something they really thought was likely to be cancerous, so I didn't have the worry part) and the surgery itself wasn't too bad at all. I suspect a core needle biopsy is even easier: hope so.


Lynn said...

I love your saturday sky but the other one you took is amazing!! Great color reflectign off the clouds plus the moon! Very nice!