Wednesday, July 26

Stitch & Pitch

Fortunately for Seattle's knitters, our heat wave broke in time for Tuesday's Stitch and Pitch baseball game. I had thought it appropriate that the Mariners were playing The Blue Jays, given that so many great knitters live in Toronto. Looks like some great ball players live in Toronto also, cuz they sure don't live here.

I attended with family in tow; The Nerd brought his kureyon sock which he worked on for a while until the game seemed more exciting (and his yarn started getting tangled). Franz did not knit, but took all the knitting in stride. Nancy and Melinda rounded out our group. I was happy to see TMK and Ryan, with Ryan looking slow on the stairs but otherwise ok. Franz hadn't met them before, but pointed them out with "Look, a Dulaan T-shirt, that's cool. How do you get those?" and I got to go "Hon, that's not just a T-shirt, that's Dulaan herself." It was also great to see Elaine again and meet Leslie. I've been missing Elaine's blogging, but glad to know that the reason for the break from blogging is that she's busy with real life.

I also got a chance to chat with Lauren --- a friend from before I learned to knit --- and Kristen --- one of my favorite clerks at Acorn Street. I also worked on Cinxia sleeve number one:

Several knitters were impressed with my device for holding my yarn. Although I cannot take the credit for this idea. Lauren told me someone at Weaving Works suggested it to her. She actually has official yarn bras, but I find these knee-high hose to be perfect.

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Dorothy said...

That's awesome. What a great idea.