Sunday, July 2

Can you canoe?

Another Urban adventure. We biked to the Waterfront Activities Center and rented a canoe. Even though we were prepared for spousal waterway navigational bickering, we had a bicker-free trip. Franz would have been more insistent that we paddle south across the channel and explore the waters of the Arboretum, but there was lots of power boat traffic and we saw three canoes capsize --- probably due to poor handling through the wakes. Hey, there's plenty to canoe to on the north side where capsizing probability is low.

We saw butterflies, dragonflies, ducks, ducklings (so cute), geese, goslings (so fugly), herons, turtles, fishies (so tiny) and perhaps an eagle far off. We saw Mt Rainier in the hazy distance and expensive waterfront homes close up. We paddled up the slough as far as we could to see if having Ravenna Creek flowing out it would clean it up, but it didn't look that much cleaner. Couldn't get too far up the slough though due to downed trees (nice habitat for the ducklings).

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Dorothy said...

That looks like a beautiful spot for canoeing.
If you don't turn your bow fast enough or lean just right, a fast moving motor boat will capsize a canoe every time. A polite motor boat enthusiast knows to slow down when approaching a canoe or kayak.