Thursday, March 2

Three days later....

It's done! Yes, my first finished sweater. It fits and it is soft and warm and it doesn't look too amateurish. Photo does not do the colors justice.

I learned a lot and I feel like a real knitter. Perhaps I ought to blog what I learned, but what I want to do instead is start something new.

In addition to the Dulaan hat that Zach has usurped and the scarf I've started (a DDR inspired scarf to go with Zach's hat) I have three projects in mind; a lacy scarf, a lacy shawl and socks (clearly I want to up the challenge level). Went to a LYS to choose materials for them this morning. Deciding which to cast on first is my next challenge.

Zach's got a new project going too.

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Kathleen said...

Your sweater is very nice!

I'm in the throes of planning my mom's birthday party... but when that is done, I'm going to try that pointy needle kind of yarn work instead of taking the easy, loomy way out. Knitting seems to allow for a much finer product that the bulk of the loom or the crochet hook!