Sunday, March 5

Random Thoughts

License Plates:

Just got the annual renewal notice and this year we are getting new plates. Why? Is there a new design? That would be nice, but I haven't seen any yet. I'm a little sad to lose our current plate which we've had for 8 years, the life of the car. Not a vanity plate, just the usual random three digit-three letters, our current license plate, nonetheless, is easy for me to remember. The three letters are the initials of a noted Chicago educator, the founder of the school that was the archrival of the school at which I taught. This educator shared first and middle names with my dad, who died over 30 years ago. So in some very small, very obscure way, our license plate gives me a connection to my past. A good connection, even though it's a rival high school and my alcoholic father.

We can retain our plate number if we pay an extra twenty dollars. Nope, got better things to do with twenty dollars. Who knows what interesting connections I will form with the new combination of numbers and letters?

School & Stress:

My son goes to public school part-time and homeschools the rest of the time. This is our first year doing so and it's working out. He has time to explore other interests and not feel that the burden of school and life combined is crushing him. In science class they are studying the heart and heart health. They discussed stress and the teacher asked the kids how many felt over-stressed, always on the go. Zach reports that just about everyone but him raised their hands.

So do I find comfort in that or worry that not enough stress in his life is somehow a bad thing? Anyway, his project is coming along.

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Kathleen said...

I would find comfort in the no stress!

I wish my sister could afford to do what you do with Zach. They are struggling with the rules of school and more.

Ah, well. We must play the hand we are dealt!