Saturday, March 11

Question of the day.

Can we turn this

Into this?

given that we have no experience working with two colors at once and that this Vogue Knitting Caps & Hats has lousy directions?

Zach really wants to make this hat. I like the idea of purchasing six skeins of yarn for one hat. Think of the stash possibilities of the rest. As the clerk at the Fiber Gallery pointed out, this Lamb's Pride yarn would make an awesome felted bag.

First we are practicing two color work on some cascade 220 leftovers, with help (?) from Sally Melville's Color: The Knitting Exerience V3.


Kathleen said...

Be like the little engine that could. I think I can, I think I can!!!! You can do it!

Beautiful colors, btw!

Jessica said...

If you need more help with it, come to the Fiber Gallery on Thursday night for Project Help.