Monday, March 20

Warmth for the Weekend

Last week, my friend Nancy asked if I could recommend a plumber --- she had a mysterious leak. I recommended a company that has been satisfactory for me in the past, and fortunately they were able to find and fix her broken drain quickly. I then commented to her that I had both a snake and an auger and knew how to wield them. Little did I realise during my "I am woman watch me roar (and snake a drain)" moment of hubris, that my furnace had gone kaput. I know nada about fixing the bloody furnace. Friday afternoon I called the fellow who installed the very green and very unusual furnace three years ago. He said he would try to come by on Saturday. I said that would be great, but if not, I could hold til Monday.

Well, Monday it was (and my furnace is now all better). Not too much hardship, as I have a gas fireplace and --- with the husband and son on a boy scout camping trip --- no fighting over who gets the chair closest to the fireplace. Knitting, reading, drinking tea, cosied up next to the fireplace I was fine. The rest of the house was a little chilly, but I survived. So did Franz and Zach, look where they slept Saturday night--->

A boy scout weekend snow camping at Mt Rainier. A memorable fun trip, they said.

I also had the pleasure of experiencing some Dulaan warmth, at Melinda's knit-in on Sunday. I met Ryan and Elaine and even, briefly, TMK. I brought the two hats Zach and I made and worked on a sweater, while chatting, snacking, playing with the dogs. Warm people, warm knitting, warm sunny window.

Knitting for Dulaan is such a win-win. I am still really new to knitting, so I want to practice new stitches and techniques. This Dulaan sweater is perfect for that. I get to learn how to construct a sweater, knit fast in a child's size without worrying about gauge. I just cast on plenty of stitches for a child somewhere between ages 2 and 10, then knit up til I could figure out exactly how big this was going to be. Now I can use Anne Budd's book to make it all work out.

Melinda offered some yarn from her stash for more Dulaan projects. I took some handspun home to make another hat. Elaine showed me a wonderfully sproingy, soft and warm hat she knit using a brioche slip-stitch rib. I think that will work really well for this yarn --- another new thing to learn and play with.

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Melinda said...

It looks so marvelously spring-like in your pictures! I felt nearly motivated to weed the garden today - too bad I had to come to work instead.

I'm so glad you could come. Oh, and thanks for the extra apostrophe's' in my blog comments'.