Monday, March 20

Time for Scarves

About two months ago I googled a long-lost high school buddy. I had tried googling her in the past with no luck, but this time success. Turns out she also moved out west, she's in Park City, Utah. She was happy to hear from me and I am going to Utah this coming weekend for a reunion. Very exciting! Utah mountains, a long weekend to catch up with an old friend, a mini-vacation from husband and son. We may ski, we may head south to Moab, but whatever we do, I know we won't stop gabbing, hours and hours of non-stop girl talk, reminiscing and philosophising about our lives. The scarf on the left is a present for her. (Branching Out by Susan Lawrence, in Noro Cash Iroha, teal, two skeins.)

It was my first lace project, and while frustrating at first, after a while the chart, the pattern, the knitting became intuitive and easier. I've even decided to join the Mountain Lace knit-along, to make the Mountain Stream scarf, also designed by Susan Lawrence. Went to my closest LYS to find some KidSilk Haze, the recommended yarn.

Turned out LYS does not stock KidSilk, but they do have Douceur et Soie, virtually the same thing. However, the skeins are five yards shorter than the KidSilk and the instructions for the scarf say that "you will come perilously close to running out of [KidSilk]". I decided to wait, try another LYS for the KidSilk, but then noticed a sample scarf knit with the Douceur et Soie --- a simple garter stitch goodness made with two strands of the Douceur et Soie and a strand of Tahki Pansy (cast-on 17 stitches, US 11 needles, garter stitch ahoy).
So I knit one. This one will be a present for my friend's little sister, who also lives in Park City and, I just found out, going through a divorce. Figured she could use something bright and cheery.

Aside: The sample scarf at LYS was knit with the same colorway of the Pansy, with a mint green Douceur et Soie. They didn't have the green in stock, and anyway I liked this peach color. Well, when I took the two yarns to the front to purchase them, instead of ringing me up, the woman behind the counter just took them and looked uncomfortable. She hemmed and hawed while she scrutinized them. She really did NOT want to sell them to me as a pair, she finally was able to say what her body language made clear, she thought they clashed horribly. Did I ASK for her opinion? NO! And everyone who has seen the scarf has approved, including my very-picky-about-color, artistically-inclined son. I counted on his honest opinion and he complimented the colors before I even asked. I shop at this store because it is walking distance, has good selection, and I have gotten friendly, helpful advice about half the time. Just the other half of the time, the staff makes me feel insecure and inadequate.


Ryan said...

To any of Dorothy's other readers, I have seen the Pansy and Douceur et Soie scarf in person and, trust me, it is beautiful! Something about the mix of colors makes it look exactly like an English cottage garden on a sunny day.

It was so nice to meet you yesterday, Dorothy!

Elaine said...

I second Ryan's comment, it looks great.

Dorothy said...

Thanks, ladies! Ryan, what a nice description, and just what I was trying to accomplish. It is still winter up in the mountains of Utah and a promise of sun and spring seemed like the perfect gift.

Kathleen said...

The colors look very warm and inviting, Dorothy! Give Maggie a hug from me. I hope to find her NY 'hair washing' picture before Thursday, so I can scan it and e-mail it to you!