Thursday, July 5

Windows and Gutters

Getting the gutters and windows cleaned today.

Our house is pretty easy, only one story, the roof pitch isn't bad. But the front picture window is right under a deep eave. A little challenging to access with a ladder. So as the fellow was standing in the shrubbery below with the ladder stymied, I said, "Well, do you have a longer handle for your squeegee? You don't need the ladder at all. That's how I'd do it." He replied, "Great idea, one would think you did this for a living."

Actually, I did. I worked for a window washing company one summer many years ago.

Dunno if that really is weird, but it's perhaps an unusual occupation. I did promise six weird things for that meme last winter and I only got to two. This makes three. Will I reveal more?

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