Tuesday, July 10

knit, knit, sew, sew

Just a few photos to show what I've been doing.

Mystery Stole 3. Clue 2 finished:

A simple sewing project using thrift store fabric. A grocery bag from The Impatient Patchworker, by Jayne Emerson. No, it isn't patchwork, but it was thrift store cotton and I am a novice at sewing. Just wanted something to practice with.

Also from The Impatient Patchworker, a pillow top. My first plunge into fat quarters will most likely not be my last. This will cover a garage sale pillow and live in the guest room, which has new curtains made of one of the fabrics (I believe it is the only fabric to be in each of the five rows. )
Now to get back to Leda's Dream. A dream of a stole and a dream of a yarn combo.


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

KVVS Spoiler

Kris said...

Such pretty colors on everything. Wow. What yarn are you using for your mystery stole?

laurie said...

The grocery bag would be very useful in California, because a law was passed recently that causes the stores to charge customers to use/take a grocery bag from the store. However, no charge if one brings his/her own reusable bags into the store.