Monday, July 23

Seven Things

1. I am not reading blogs or much of the internet at all, so I don't stumble across spoilers before I finish HP7. I ought to finish by this afternoon, now that F and Z are gone and there isn't any competition for the book. One blog exception is Erika, since I was pretty sure she wouldn't be posting any spoilers. She just have a birthday, so go over and wish her many happy returns, if you haven't already.

2. I finished the pillow and have sewn two bags.

3. My introverted family went out of our boring comfort zone and volunteered to host a Japanese student here on a student trip for two weeks. Zach studies Japanese and we are thinking of traveling to Japan next year. I've always wanted to host a foreign exchange student, but the timing never worked out until now. So this was a great opportunity. We said on the application that we would be willing to host an adult accompanying the students. It turned out that we did get an adult, H, which was fine by me. I have to admit I was a bit relieved to get an adult who has traveled before and knows English very well for our first experience with this sort of thing. H is the trip coordinator and works for a travel agency. While she has traveled a lot, in the past on these student trips she has stayed by herself in a hotel, which was quiet and lonely. She is happy to be with a family.

4. H is from Nagasaki. The flower of Nagasaki is the Hydrangea, and ours are in full bloom right now.

5. A few weeks ago, when a friend offered to pick up Stitch and Pitch tickets, while we were still debating whether to volunteer to be a host family, I went ahead and ordered an extra ticket, just in case. Would our student want to attend a baseball game with us? And would the student be interested in sitting with a bunch of knitters? I didn't know, but the tickets aren't expensive so it seemed worth the gamble. H is interested, in fact she asked about baseball, since the Mariners have a player from Nagasaki.

6. And she crochets. But she still thinks it's a little strange to have knitters attend a baseball game, but I think once she is there it will make more sense.

7. Last year Franz and Zach came to Stitch and Pitch, but it is looking like Franz will be going on a business trip to California the end of this week. But his boss is a little flaky when it comes to finalizing schedules, so we don't know yet. I am not sure about Zach, but I am guessing that without Franz, he might be less interested in attending. Therefore we may have two extra tickets. If anyone is interested in them, let me know.


Franz said...

Actually, my business trip has been moved, so I will be going to the game.

kmkat said...

We hosted a Japanese foreign exchange student for five months about 20 years ago. I will be interested to hear your impressions.

Erika said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

If you want to punch up the color of your hydrangeas without peeing on them, let me know. Apparently a few tablespoons of clean wood ash will do the trick quite nicely. And if there's one substance I have in abundance, it's wood ash!

Anonymous said...

Neat that you are hosting a lady from Japan. Have fun! Your hydrangeas look gorgeous. I've been told that you can cut them, place them in a vase of water and then just let the water dry out and they will dry that way. The lady who told me this gave me a beautiful bunch she claimed she had dried that way. They lasted for years and through multiple moves. It has never worked for me and I tried so many times in VA where I grew them. So I think there is probably much more to it (humidity, lighting??).

Stitch and Pitch - Joey said he'd have a hard time if everyone was stitching and not watching the game! lol ~ He'd get over it if it meant getting a chance to experience another Major League Baseball team/field.

Have fun and take care! T