Tuesday, July 17

Happy Yellow Pig's Day!


Anonymous said...

I remember yellow pigs. Sort of. Something to do with the math camp you went to and I notice the date has the number 17 in it. That relates to being highly random? Yeah, sketchy on my part. But it did make me smile.

He's very cute! T

Anonymous said...

OK so I clicked on the cute piggie and learned a little more. Was your camp 6 weeks long? I don't remember the logistics of it - like how you got there or where it was. T

Anonymous said...

Well, since the camp meets in the summer, YP day can't be on the 17th month (of last year, or the 5th month of this year), so they put it on the 7th month. YP day is great, and my family has a long history with it, having the person holding the 2nd place record for most YP day attendances in it.