Tuesday, January 2


I finished my Red Scarf Project scarf. Well, maybe. I used the multi-directional scarf pattern and was very happy with it except for the ending decrease triangle. That's why I haven't woven in the yarn end yet. Blocking helped a lot, but as you can see, it still is askew.

I see three options:
  • leave it as is. Franz and Zach think it looks fine.
  • rip the triangle and reknit, finding some other decrease scenario that looks better.
  • rip the triangle. Knit a new triangle like the beginning one and graft. Kitchenering garter?
What do you think.

Yarn is Mountain Colors Twizzle, a wonderful merino-silk blend. Color is Ruby River --- much nicer than the photo shows (Seattle won't get natural light til sometime in March). It Ran Like Crazy when I blocked it. I soaked it in Synthrapol and will do so again before mailing it.


Erika said...

How about doing the math (multiply by .7? Divide by .7? Something like that...) and casting on a garter-stitch border for the ends? I bet 6 rows of garter stitch would greatly normalize the appearance.

Erika said...

Oh hey, checkit! I just ran across a version of the pattern which includes errata - a different way to knit the last triangle, so as to avoid the problem you mentioned. (I also noticed that Norma's Multidirectionals all have a garter stitch border. So you are not alone!)


Erika said...

err... that URL got cut off. How about a link?

Dorothy said...

Bless your heart! You're dog rescuer and scarf rescuer! I thought about the garter border ala Norma, but really didn't want that look for this scarf.

This alternate last triangle instructions is just what I needed. Thanks.

Kathleen said...

Glad you got an alternative. I was going to go with Franz and Zach, except say - add some fringe... no one will notice! :)

My version still has pointy ends, but since both ends point, all is good! The yarn shop's sample also has my pointy ends, so perhaps I started with a slightly different version of the pattern. Yours looks lovely, btw!

kmkat said...

Lovely! I plan to use that pattern for one of my RSP scarves so I'm happy to benefit from your experience. If I were you, though, I'd go with Franz and Zach -- it looks great, it's only the knitter (you) who might notice that pointy corner.

Dorothy said...

That was the reason I didn't much care for that scarf. Now, with the pattern errata, I think I just may give it a try in the near future.