Wednesday, January 24

Some Evening Sky

Tuesday's sky. Ain't it pretty? The most important thing is that this photo was taken Jan 23rd at 5:06 PM. And it wasn't pitch dark. w0O |-|o0! Good-bye dark winter.

I'm off to Madrona. Will not have internet access til Sunday, unless I beg some knitter for a little laptop fix while in Tacoma. Hope to see some of you at the Fiber Retreat.

To catch the bus to Tacoma, I will be leaving the house an hour before sunrise, half hour before Twilight starts. Oh well.


Dec 19th: <--- no wonder we have the winter blues
  • Twi: 7:17am
  • Sunrise: 7:53am
  • Sunset: 4:18pm
  • Twi: 4:54pm

Jan 25th: <----- days feel longer
  • Twi: 7:11am
  • Sunrise: 7:44am
  • Sunset: 4:57pm
  • Twi: 5:31pm

June 19th: <---- put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Twi: 4:30am
  • Sunrise: 5:10am
  • Sunset: 9:09pm
  • Twi: 9:50pm


Kathleen said...

Ooooh.... I wanna gooooooo! Wah!! Too bad I'm near the other Washington and not yours! :)

Have fun!

kmkat said...

I left work at 4:30 yesterday, a bit earlier than usual and IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE! WOOT!

Time to hunt up the sunscreen and flip-flops...

Dorothy said...

I hope you had a ball at Madrona.

I love when the sunset is actually noticeably later. Makes me feel hopeful when the mercury isn't helping with the blues.