Thursday, January 4


Yikes, perhaps the Orphans ought to have chosen a different color. I remember yet again why I will not buy red socks. Does anything red not run? I reknit the last triangle of my Red Scarf Project scarf using the technique that Erika found. It looks lots better than before. I soaked it again. This is the rinse water of the seventeenth rinse of the third soaking in Synthrapol. Yee gads, can I really send this scarf along? One rainstorm and that kid's jacket will be stained. Can I specify to send this to a kid who lives in the desert or to someone who wears a red or black coat? How are the other red scarves running?


jamie said...

Hey, Dorothy! Happy New Year! Just a thought - I remember a trick to keep red dye from running out of your clothes in the wash - you put a bit of vinegar in with the water. You probably know that already - maybe a vinegar soak will set the rest of the dye if it's set-able. How'd the rendering of the piggy fat go? I can't wait to hear about how your crust turns out!

Cheese Mite said...

It might be time to contact the yarn maker to see if they have a more robust solution to the problem. I'm with you--I wouldn't want to send a gift that could ruin someone's coat.