Tuesday, January 16

Darling, you're stronger than me

Time for more weirdness, the second weird thing about me. I recently posted about how I am a better parallel parker than my husband, but while that is something that feeds my competitive streak, I don't find it all that weird. However there is something else I can do better that I do find weird. I cannot explain it.

What do all these items have in common?

They all have lids that can be a challenge to open. These sorts of lids can stump my husband, but I can open them all. Why? He is definitely stronger than me. He can do push-ups, move full sheets of plywood, lift a kayak onto the car roof in one motion, all things I cannot do easily. Yet when we have waffles, who has to open the syrup? Me.

It's not just him either. A typical situation. He tries to open a lid somewhere with other people present. He fails, so he looks around for me. Another guy intercepts and says he'll do it. (thinking, of course, what a wimp) Franz lets him. He fails. Franz then passes it off to me. I succeed. (who's the wimp?)

Fortunately for our relationship, Franz is a good sport about it --- he really likes maple syrup.

(and yes, I've been listening to Patsy on my iPod. How did you guess?)


kmkat said...

That is the weirdest of the weird, not in the usual way of weirdness but because it defies all logical explanation. Personally I have a LOT of trouble opening jars -- small hands and nagging arthritis -- so if you wanted to come live at my house it would be okay.

Anonymous said...

Snap! I can do that, too. My husband gets me to open jars. I think I must somehow sense just how to grip, but I don't understand the physics of it.

He's much better at parallel parking, though -- still, I'm gradually improving over the years, rather than just assuming I'll always be terrible at it.