Wednesday, May 31

Wednesday wandering

We're muddling through the week, quieter without Franz. Nancy came over to dye yesterday. She was trying to recreate my Jungle colorway with better yarn than the knitpicks I used. I was trying for...? I am not sure what. Nancy got a rainbow concoction, I got a candy store. But we were both using new techniques on new yarn, so it was fun and successful in its own way. I strongly suspect both Nancy and I will be doing more dyeing.

I've been giving Zach some Scrabble lessons. I want more competition. Think I will go roust him from surfing and make him play a game before it gets too late. First I will leave you with some views of my neighborhood's future fire station. Any opinion expressed in the photos is not necessarily shared by this blogger.

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Patti said...

Oh! I drove by there the other day and I wondered where they'd gone. Eminent domain, huh . . . That's sad. Did they just outgrow their station off 55th?