Friday, May 19

The Sock Race

My Dye-o-rama pal got her yarn! She likes it! She had even read my blog entry on dyeing it and wondered if I had meant her, with the liking nature element. Emmy lives in Virginia and spends as much time as possible camping at a lake that's special to her --- that's why I thought about foresty colors. She plans on taking the yarn (and small bonus feature) to the lake this weekend for a photo shoot.

It's the great sock race, who will finish first? Koigu B or Socka A? Will working on two socks at the same time make them twice as fast or four times as slow as Koigu A? Time will tell.

"Sock race? How about me? Aren't you going hiking this summer? Aren't you tempted to Trek Along With Me ?"

"Don't abandon us! We want to be knit into socks or wrist warmers too."

And Cece chimes in with "you want to wear me this summer, right?"


Patti said...

Hey, where did you find the Trekking? Nobody local seems to have any . . .

emmy said...

Just wanted to let you know that the pictures are up on my blog. I think the beautiful yarn photographed well and the colors show accurately. I had to wait for the sun to get behind me :)

Thanks so much for being such a great swap pal!