Saturday, May 20

A Dream and a Nautie

In my dream I was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well, I was Buffy in that monsters and demons were seeking me out to kill me, but I was not as strong as she. I did have a protector though, Angel was there, seemed more to be helping me hide from the demons instead of killing them, but I did feel more secure. There was a third person, not recognizable as someone I know. A woman with whom I as Buffy wanted to develop a friendship. Only thing, she was not acquainted with the world of the dark, which made her attractive. Nice to be able to be friends with someone unencumbered. So Angel was helping me as Buffy to hide the existence of monsters from her.

What's it mean? Well, isn't everyone in my dream a manifestation of myself? So I am the woman being chased by demons, and the strong protector helping to keep the demons at bay, and the friendly woman who unfortunately (or fortunately for her) doesn't even know that demons exist. And two parts of me are trying to keep that third part of me from learning of the struggle.

on a knitting note.... I started a Nautie and it isn't cooperating.

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