Wednesday, May 3

It's Wednesday

General Update:

My Nerd is sick. He came down with fluish symptoms on Saturday and is still unwell -- fever, sore throat, cough. Whatever virus he brought home is trying to attack me, but my immune system is putting up a fight. Perhaps it has seen this bug before or a close relative. I am not really sick, just bordering on it -- achy, headache, tired, not quite a fever. But it means I haven't got energy to do much beyond providing soup, tea and TLC to Zach and knit a bit. The adorable husband spent some hours over the weekend pulling weeds in the backyard. Yay, I don't have to feel too bad for neglecting the gardening. Partly I am sure he just wanted to get out into the nice weather and out of the sick house, but he was also inspired by reading about invasive weeds in The Street Smart Naturalist.

We watched movies all weekend. Lighthearted fare, easy to watch while sick and easy to knit to. Mrs Henderson Presents was fun and enjoyable, but I did get all teary toward the end -- a poignant mother-son moment in film always does that to me. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was what we expected, having all read the books. Good for a laugh. I would have made Zaphod's two heads differently. Victor/Victoria holds a special place for me. Way back when it first came out I was living in Chicago. One evening my housemate MB and I were both feeling particularly blue. It was probably dark, dreary winter. We went to the movies, choosing this comedy we knew nothing about in an attempt to cheer ourselves up. Well, it worked. We both got in the right mood and laughed our asses off. Franz hadn't seen it and Zach is finally old enough to watch it. I knew it wouldn't be the same as that first time when I was in just the right mood to laugh at all the jokes no matter how slapstick, but it was still a fun romp. Zach was startled to see Julie Andrews in such a role. "That's Grandmere?!" Yes, we are all Meg Cabot fans. More the books than the movies, but we have seen them.

Solar Update:

Seattle Spring weather has been fantastic. Twelve days ago the meter reader came by. I haven't gotten the electric bill yet, (weird, it must have gotten lost in the mail, no biggie, it gets paid automatically) so I don't know what he read, but I went out later that day and the meter read 25476 KWh. February reading was 25054, so we used 422 KWh over two months. That's less than half of our pre-solar panel use. Today I just checked the meter: 25482! In twelve days we have used a total of 6 KWh of city generated power. The rest we generated ourselves.

Knitting Update:

Zach was feeling better enough yesterday to finish his hedgehog. He wants to blog about it himself later. I also got him working on his first sock. Hard to know how to start, because we didn't know what kind of gauge he would get. He started with Wendy's Toe Up formula, but got distracted with browsing through her book. I am sure he will tell us more as he progresses.

I've made some progress in most of my WIPs, nothing exciting, but inch by inch they are moving along. Dulaan sweater, Dulaan cloud hat, Mountain Stream scarf, log cabin blanket and warshrag. Worked on my sock, too, but somehow it missed the photo shoot.

And of course, I started something new. CeCe in Silky Wool. Not the recommended gauge, but going up one size in the instructions ought to make it perfect. I love this yarn.

Dye-o-rama supplies have shown up! I've been contacted by my swap pal and contacted mine. Will wait til next week and we are feeling better before attempting any actual dyeing.


Anonymous said...

I have the same thing, I think. The other day I was joking that I felt like a steam iron with one of those gauges on the side showing FULL. Unfortunately, unlike a steam iron, I cannot heat up and release it all in blasts of purifying, wrinkle-reducing steam out of my faceplate pores. Nor can anyone dump me out in the basement sink.

My theory is that it's good to be sick now, as it means I am less likely to be so during the move, but it isn't much comfort.


Patti said...

Oh! Can you tell us more about your solar setup? I'd love to do something, but I didn't know we could have anything significant in Seattle.

Kathleen said...

I promise I did not send my germs to Seattle! But when Zach mentioned his symptoms, my head was rattlin' as I was nodding it in agreement... achy, low-grade feverish though the doc in the box said 99.6 was not a fever. I checked webmd and it seems it must be 100 to be a fever, even though my normal temp is always under 98 - which would mean 99.6 would be the requisite distance from 98 that 100 is from 98.6 - whatever. I FELT feverish!

Turns out I had a SEVERE allergic sinusitus and laryngitis - but that 99.6 temp was 'normal'! :)

Hope all is soon less sick in your home...

Kathleen said...

all is? all are!