Friday, February 23

Wanna buy a horn?

Gulp. We just acquired a new used french horn and discovered that our old horn is not able to be fixed after we spent an arm and a leg on it. Sigh. So you don't want to buy my horn. How about buying some yarn? My biggest challenge this past week has been photographing it adequately. Everyone knows that monitors vary and cameras are imperfect with regard to color, but still, I wanted better. I've got about 8 skeins with photos that aren't too bad, so here goes.

Photos on flickr. They are a 100% Merino DK weight yarn. Spun like Aurora 8, very soft. Supposedly washable, but I'd caution care. Each skein is 4 ounces (except for a couple which are two 2 ounce skeins) approximately 290 yards. My green socks weigh 3.8 ounces.

I'm asking $18 per skein, plus $2 for shipping. Interested? Send me an email, address in my sidebar.

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

I wish. I have my spending money tied up in a bid on ebay right now.

If yoy still have them in a month, I can take one or two off your hands.